Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to get started on Twitter (part2)

How do I start?

It's easy to install on twitter. Visit the web site, and click Start, click Join. Sign up is quick, but two things to consider:

If you have a web-mail, twitter can go and get the names from your contact list so you can see if any of your contacts on twitter. You may be uncomfortable with this, so read the safety message.
You must decide whether you want to be determined by your real name or user name, the latter makes it difficult for friends to find you, but reduces your visibility.
Once your account is created, you can log in and go to "Settings" to customize your profile, add pictures and so on. You'll have your own twitter page where you can send and receive tweets. It will address:

Following and followers

Assuming that you are using twitter to connect with friends and family, you want them to follow you and receive tweets. One way to achieve this is to follow them. You can search by name or e-mail, and add them to the list of people go. Once you have that they will receive email notification that you have for them and, ideally, would choose to follow you. Thus, their tweets may appear on your twitter page and / or phone, and you will appear to them.

You can also follow the famous (and infamous) people - from President Barack Obama with Jimmy Eat World. Just do not expect them to follow you!

Also worth mentioning: You can lock followers - a convenient, given the public nature of twitter.

Posting tweet
Now you have followers, and prepared for shipment the first chirp. You'll see a box that you enter in your email address at the top of the chirp on the question: "What are you doing?" How do you know that some are taking the question literally and chatter about what they actually do, from watching "The Simpsons", to run the marathon. Others use it to broadcast everything that is of their kind.

A few notes about the sending of messages to specific people:

If you put "@" followed by the individual user name at the beginning of the message, it indicates that the tweet is designed for a specific person. But all of your followers can still see it.
To send a personal tweet, put "D", followed by individual user name in front of the message. ( "D" is intended to direct.)

As you explore the chirp on the site do not forget to check:

The state deadline - a snapshot of what the random people around the world doing it. From your twitter page, click on "All" in the sidebar.
Celebrity users - some make it a popularity contest for the most followers. You can join the Fray, clicking on "Find people" and then "the user" tab.
Third-party applications - there is money from the fund, aimed at improving your twitter experience.

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