Monday, May 18, 2009

How to get started on Twitter (part1)

So the heck it is about Internet route saw that the number of visitors to the site more than doubled, to 9.3 million people in just one month earlier this year?

In response to this, you better see for yourself. On many levels, that escape the social networking phenomenon that has attracted celebrities, politicians, grandparents and their grandkids call explanation. Is it for you? Read this short primer on some indexes, and then try to send a "tweet," or two. There are no costs, not an obligation - and many feel strangely addictive.

So, that is exactly?

Chirp is part of the social networks of micro-blogging and instant messaging of all rolled into one free service. When he started in 2006, was touted as a way to friends to stay connected through short text messages, which you can send and receive at or to your mobile phone. In the messages you send are called tweets.

Why would I use it?

This is a legitimate question, considering all the messages in this most of us already have - from e-mails and instant messages on Facebook, and mobile phones has been said before. But here are a couple things to set chirrup, except:

Tweets are short and sweet. A tweet can not exceed 140 characters. The proposal, which you're reading now exactly 140 characters, so you can see this is not the place for the Pack, many details in the tweet.
What can you giggle greet and meet. Not only you can quickly send a tweet to all your friends - or twitter-speak, "followers" - but you can also put it to the total consumption. For example, if you are tweeting in support of a political issue, you can attract followers who share your feelings.
Here are some examples of how twitter can fit into your daily life:

Your child-Sitter canceled at the last minute, and you suddenly got a pair of concert tickets may not be used. Send a chirp that if any friends want them to (or willing to baby-sitting).
Writing is not your thing, but you want to keep abreast with my friends and family. With twitter, you can not write much in the same tweet - and no one expects eloquence.
You are looking at a strange city and suddenly hungry Indian food. Send a request to chirp recommendations.
Are you a hairdresser, and someone just canceled the appointment later in the day. Send a chirp that if someone of your standing wish.

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