Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to make cheap calls on your cell phone (4)


Skuku main current product is slightly different from the others I tested for this article. Designed to eliminate the international roaming charges for calls made in the United States from abroad, Skuku requires a PC and Skuku equipment - a USB Stick or a mobile phone, which you insert the SIM from your GSM phone. You Skuku Stick or connect the phone to the PC USB-port, and Skuku PC software routes calls to servers that use your SIM Infopage place a call from almost U.S. carrier.

The downside of this approach is that you are tied to the computer, but Skuku works on Windows Mobile version of its software for mobile phones GSM (the company said that the issue the application for HTC phones this spring). I tested an earlier version in which you want Wi-Fi connection, as well as to find the voice quality of both. Calls sounded very vague, with a static and a noticeable echo, but I could hear my callers, and they could hear.

Skuku mobile app will likely be free, with fees similar to those PC-based applications (approximately $ 2.50 per day or $ 12.50 per month). This is a great deal for travelers who want cheap calls home, but you still have to pay for roaming calls from one foreign country to another.
Despite the fact that the voice quality of the four services I tried not to win any awards, they could save serious money if you make many international calls. Because the software is free, you can try them out himself, that if one of them works for you.

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